CKZ Time Clock Online Advanced Reporting

Customized Reporting

Keep organized and up-to-date with the "Employee Reporting" feature at the click of a button. Combined with the power of Online Scheduling the Online Reporting capability is a ready-made solution for producing weekly reports for your business. The reports are fully customizable, giving you the ability to:

1). Select which employee(s) you want to use.
2). Select which report data (columns) you want to use.
3). Select which section(s) (Timesheet, Absences, Overtime and Summary) you want to use.
4). Date range.
5). Report grouping (Employee, Date, Location or Accounting Code).
6.) Use of overtime or not.

There are no excuses for missing a shift anymore when reports/schedules are easily accessible by staff and management online, from any approved location. With the ability to publish your schedules a week or more ahead of time, you can ensure a simple and streamlined communication process between management and staff.

Avanced Reporting View

Easily track and manage staff vacation leave, sick leave and even both paid (PTO time) and non-paid time off (non-PTO time), or go back in time to review any date range selected. When using the "Reporting" feature and the "Absences function" , managers and HR staff are able to provide reports and summaries on when your staff has taken/plans on taking vacation, sick leave, PTO and non-PTO so you can manage and allocate staff resources where they are best needed. Additionally, find out how much sick leave, PTO and non-PTO time has been taken throughout the last few months or even the year. These reports can also either be printed or downloaded to excel for further analysis.

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