CKZ Time Clock Online Messaging

Communicate Important Information to Your Staff

Communicating critical and important messages to your staff is an essential element to managing a successful business. With internal Messages, the ability to communicate notices to staff has now been streamlined and is available 24/7 online so you ensure the message is delivered clearly to each employee, staff member, group or department. Internal messages can be used to reach out to individual employees for a wide range of applications such as HR notices, payment details or individual to individual messages. This allows for discretion with sensitive matters often required in employee management. With the ability to monitor and screen internal Messages, you can ensure that these communications are kept employment related and your employees will know all messages can easily be traced.

Respond or Reply to Internal Messages

Staff can send and receive both individual or group messages depending on their role assignment, department or division ensuring the right messages are delivered to the correct individual(s).

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