CKZ Time Clock Online Employee Management

Prevent Employee Clock In/Out Access From Other Than Approved Locations/Devices

You can use the "Add/Edit IP Addresses & Locations" feature to prevent employees from clocking in/out from other than approved locations/devices. They will only be able to clock in/out from approved static IP addresses. You can also make selected individual supervisors/employees exempt from IP locks, giving them access from anywhere.

Manage Employees in a Single View

Quickly view and filter your active and inactive employees in a single easy to use view.

Employee Time Entry History

The "Employee Time Entry" is a simple tool that allows you to add, edit or delete employee and staff time entries. This time saving feature provides you with the confidence and ability to easily check and monitor staff time entries, even make changes if required. Each day at work, your employees will 'clock in' at the start of their shift and 'clock out' when they have finished work for the day and are leaving the workplace. They can also clock in/out for lunch or other time taken off during the workday. With CKZ Clock, you can access and edit this data whenever you need to in a simple and efficient manner. You can view a single employee and filter by date ranges or check on the whole team for the week with a simple click of a button.

Edit Employee Punch Records

If you need to change an employee time entry for a reason such as a scheduled staff member calling in sick, then the "Employee Scheduling" and/or "Time Entry" tools will enable you to quickly find the employee and make changes to time entries such as updating the entry type options, time in/time out and date options.

There are several important entry type options available:
• Regular Time
• Sick Time
• PTO Time
• Non-PTO Time
• Vacation Time

The entry type options allow your management team the ability to monitor, audit and even edit employee punch records when required.

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