CKZ Time Clock Online Scheduling

Employee Scheduling/Time Management at the click of a button

The online employee scheduling feature allows you to quickly and easily monitor as well as keep track of staff timesheet records online. Employee scheduling provides fast access to your employee roster and schedule history. You can even search previous dates if you need to go back and verify employee hours or start/end times, overtime and other important aspects involved with the day to day management of employee assignments and schedules. Employee schedules can be printed. Save time and HR resources with the "Employee Scheduling" feature by CKZ Time Clock.

Online Time Tracking for Staff

With Online Reporting and Scheduling built into CKZ Time Clock Online, your staff can access scheduled or approved reports/schedules from any approved location ahead of the coming week(s). This will keep them up to date and organized, eliminating/reducing the possibility of your staff missing work unnecessarily. Additionally, you can also identify and then reward staff that are always on time or have excellent attendance rates.

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