CKZ Time Clock Free EditionFree Installed

CKZ Time Clock Free Edition offers you all the power of our Kiosk edition with the expection that it is limited to only 3 employees.

CKZ Time Clock Kiosk EditionKiosk Installed

CKZ Time Clock Kiosk Edition is designed for those who will have all their employess clock in and out from a single computer with no limitation on the number of employees you can have in the system.

CKZ Time Clock Network EditionNetwork Installed

CKZ Time Clock Network Edition is designed for those organizations who want to have all their employees clock in and out from their own workstation while you as a manager can run reports directly from your desktop. Just like with our Kiosk edition the netowrk edition also does not have any limitation on the number of employees that can be managed with it.

CKZ Time Clock Online EditionOnline Edition

CKZ Time Clock Online gives you all the features of our network edition but without the hastle of installing or setting anything up. Because it is online based it can be access from any computer, phone or tablet giving you the extra advatage of managing your employees on the go.

Our time clock and your office
We deliver the best advantage

We have you covered

Whether you are a small business just starting out or a large organization lookig to take control on your employees hours we have you covered.

Here at CKZ Time Clock we know that not all organizations have the same needs. No matter what edition you choose they all offer the following.

-Customizable settings
-Payroll Reporting
-Easy to use
-Monitor Employees Hours in Real Time
-Manage Time Attendance and Overtime
-Track Vacation Time, Sick and Holiday Pay

Clock Anywhere